In Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink! the author as himself befriends two fictional, thirty-something skeptics, Joe Smith and Holly Holmes.  The unlikely threesome experience fun and stressful times, while the author as a retired pastor shares his unusual reasons for believing in God and his experiences with God in his "soap-opera" life.  It is both a story and information to decrease people's doubts and increase their faith.

    Brian Bosscher, pastor of Hillcrest Church, Hudsonville, Michigan: “Bruce Leiter has traveled a unique path from the Lord. His biblical and pastoral insights, gleaned from a life of study, pain, searching, and serving have the potential to help a wide variety of people on their quest to truly know God intimately. His passion for helping others know the God of the Scriptures burns brightly, and his teachings will open up the mind of his readers to the truth—no doubt!”

    Do you want a book to give to a wanderer from Christian beliefs or the church?

    Do you want information about why Christians believe what they believe?

    Do you want to decrease your doubts and increase your faith in the God of the Bible?

    Are you interested in discovering a way to begin and build relationships with other people?

    Do you want to understand better how God works in Christians’ lives?

    Do you want a good book with discussion questions included for a Bible-study group?

    If you answered any of the above questions with a “yes,” then you’re invited to read this book and give it to a friend or family member.

About Bruce Leiter

Bruce Leiter was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He was christened a Methodist but grew up unwillingly attending a community church that did not preach the Bible. God rescued him at sixteen years old in a Baptist church and gave him a call to the ministry. After attending a cult for a while, he studied at Calvin College. During that time he joined the Christian Reformed Church because of their biblical beliefs but rebelled against God's call to go into English teaching. He taught English for eight years with an English Master’s Degree and was a sales manager for three years. During his last year as a teacher, his second son died from leukemia. God used that life-changing event to send Bruce back to school to be a pastor with a wife, three children, and no job. He served seven churches in twenty-seven years and has now retired to write Christian books.

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